Inspired by the style of Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel and Hardy, silent movies and cartoons, Kevin created his own individual style, where (Panto)mime, slapstick, dance and comedy are combined.



Kevinski’s journey: 

Silent but expressive Kevinski loves to travel around the globe, traveling from city to city showing the endless possibilities and several cultures of his experienced highlights of his travels.

On his journey, Kevinski will land in many different countries and discovers their special particularities.

For example, meet him as a hilarious ballerino in a tutu in Russia, meet him in France, where the love literally takes the audience on adventure or China where he is the kungfu master and the Nunchaku’s fly around the stage.

Together with the audience they will arrive at the final destination!

With his own creating art he invites you onto his hilarious adventure.

Travel together with him and explore, participate, feel or see if he arrives to his goal.

Kevinski would love to share his world, his journey with you.


Charlie Chaplin’s modern times 2021: 

We all know Charlie Chaplin!
The nice guy who walks funny, has a hat, a stick and a mustache and experiences different adventures! 

But did you know that the character is actually called the Tramp?
This was performed by Charlie Chaplin (Charles Spencer Chaplin). This character became famous because he used the universal language which everyone could understand. He also made fun of the situations within the society from that time.

Kevinski is not an imitator of Charlie Chaplin but the role ‘The Tramp’ is presented by Kevinski and interpreted in his own way to portray everyday life in a funny and poetic way of 2021.

So what will happen if the Tramp Chaplin arrives in 2021?

Pictures by: Tim Becker –